About Fantillus

"Fantillus" as a concept is a mixture of two words - "Fantasy" and "Illustration".  It began as a way to both categorize myself in a world of labels, and set myself apart from other artists as I make a name for myself.

The Artist

Born and Raised in California, Dylan (also known as the artist Fantillus) is self-trained in artistic skill and has a degree in Biology.  He likes to paint with watercolor and digital media and works with many different subjects such as:

  • Animals and Pets

  • Fantasy Creatures

  • Still life

  • People

He also dabbles in graphic design, making logos for organizations and companies as well as signage for advertising purposes.  Dylan also experiments with Photography in his free time.  When he isn't drawing he is usually cooking or relaxing in his residence with his room mates in the Silicon Valley of California.